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Eliza Carthy discography

Eliza Carthy - Red Rice

1998 compilation

This double CD consists of the two albums ’Red’ and ’Rice’

1. Accordion Song
2. Ten Thousand Miles
3. Billy Boy/The Widow’s Wedding
4. Time in the Son
5. Stumbling On
6. Stingo/The Stacking Reel
7. Greenwood Laddie/Mrs Capron’s Reel Tune
8. Walk Away
9. Adieu Adieu
10. Russia (Call Waiting)
11. Red Rice
12. Blow The Winds/The Game of Draughts
13. Snow it Melts the Soonest
14. Picking Up Sticks/Old Mole/Felton Lonnin/Kingston Girls
15. Miller and the Lass
16. Herring Song
17. Mons Meg
18. Tuesday Morning
19. Haddock and Chips
20. Americans Have Stolen My True Love Away
21. Zycanthos Jig/Tommy’s Foot/Quebecois
22. Sweetness of Mary/Holywell Hornpipe/Swedish
23. Benjamin Bowmaneer
24. Commodore Moore/Black Dance/A Andy O

Eliza Carthy discography

Red Rice - Eliza Carthy
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