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John Jones discography

John Jones - Rising Road

2009 studio album

Released by Westpark on 27 July 2009.

Seth Lakeman - tenor guitar, fiddle, vocal
Benji Kirkpatrick - guitar, mandolin, bouzouki, piano, vocal
Ian Kearey - banjo-dulcimer
Rowan Godel - vocal
Sophie Walsh - harp
Francois Deville - pedal steel
Dil Davies - drums
Alan Prosser - guitar
Al Scott - production and additional instruments

1. Let me Fall
2. Polly On The Shore
3. Walking Through Ithonside
4. Rocks Of Bawn Litten Tree
5. Searching For Lambs
6. One Morning In The Spring
7. Henry Martin
8. Fire Marengo
9. One Night As I Lay On MY Bed
10. Boy in the Window
11. Newlyn Town

John Jones discography

Rising Road - John Jones
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